F@%k It Friday: Paris


I have an upcoming trip to Paris on my radar screen. I was there a few times. Ken has been a few times. We’ve never gone together.

Here’s my agenda for the time I am there.

  • Eat cheese.
  • Eat bread.
  • Eat chocolate.
  • Drink wine.
  • Spend some sweet time with my husband. (cough cough)

We want to crowdsource this trip. Other than the major tourist attractions, what should we see? Where should we eat? What can’t we miss?

Things to note — I am not wearing anything fancy. No overpriced French restaurant recommendations because those are lost on us. And we will not go to a discothèque because we are not German tourists.

Got anything for us? Go! If you suggest something awesome, we’ll take a picture when we’re there and tag you on le Facebook and le Twitter.

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