F@%k It Friday: Window Treatments


My dream house has big windows with no window treatments.


Let the sun shine into the windows and wake me up. That’s awesome. I don’t want to sleep too late, anyway.

Until I get my dream house, I have Hunter Douglas honeycomb duette shades because I want neutral window treatments that let in light but keep out the UV. I don’t want drapes. I don’t want curtains. I don’t want plantation shutters. I just want privacy because I have a fear that some gross dude is peering into my windows.

It’s not a crazy fear, by the way.

My grandmother slept with blackout shades. Her bedroom had the feel of a crack den. The darkness was weird and her room felt so stuffy to me. She said, “I need it dark to sleep.”

Hm. It’s dark at night. When it’s light, you wake up.

I wonder — what’s on your windows? Do you need it pitch black to sleep? Or do you like to wake up naturally to sunlight?

And what does your dream house look like?

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