F@%k It Friday: Dark Chocolate


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I am one of those dumb girls who always has a man around on Valentine’s Day. No joke. Since I was 16. This is ridiculous because I’ve never celebrated Valentine’s Day.

Maybe once in high school. Totally appropriate.

And I did get flowers from a guy on Valentine’s Day, once, and they were lovely; however, our relationship was ending and it made me sad. I didn’t get him anything in return, either, which makes me an awful human being.

But the holiday is not my thing. No joke, I haven’t ever given or received a Valentine’s Day present from my husband. Nothing. It’s not sad or tragic. In fact, it’s perfect. He respects my indifference.

But right around the beginning of February, I buy a few bags of Dove Dark Chocolate hearts.

Those are my favorite.

And I eat them for two weeks straight.

Dark chocolate is like a party in my mouth. Slow. Rich. Creamy. Dark. I like my chocolate like I like my…


Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day? Wait, who cares? Do you like dark chocolate? Or do you prefer milk chocolate? How about white chocolate?

You white chocolate people are fools.

I’m on the record. No Valentine’s Day celebrations and no white chocolate.

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