F@%k It Friday: In-Laws


It makes me sad when I hear people dog on their in-laws. I am totally lucky. My in-laws are fabulous. I knew my husband’s family for five years before we married and they are such kind people. Ken’s mother is so good to me. And the last thing his father ever said to me was a simple response to being teased for being an old man. I said, “Come on, you know I love you.”

My father-in-law said, “Not as much as I love you.”

That’s my final memory of him, which is actually quite lovely.

On the other side of my life, my brother married his high school sweetheart. His wife is a talented, amazing woman who kicks butt and crafts. She makes our family better. And her family? They are so generous and warm.

I think about how her family could have been like, “Uh, no.”

They didn’t do that. If anything, they did the opposite. They said, “Uh, yes. All of you.”

That’s how they roll. Open and non-judgmental and forgiving.

Holidays are easy. If anything, I’m the pain-in-the-ass that everyone needs to manage. I’ve got 99 problems in life but my in-laws ain’t one.

How about you?

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