Friday HR Shenanigans: Chocolate Skittles


When you read this, I’ll be on a plane & headed back to my normal life of Starbucks and yoga pants. Some stuff for you to enjoy:

  • I flubbed my flight arrangements and I had to spend an extra night in Las Vegas. I guess it helps to be sober when you’re using the American Airlines website. I’ve made this error once before — my husband and I arrived at O’Hare a full day earlier than our scheduled flight to Las Vegas back in 2003. Oops, my bad.
  • I scored a last-minute ticket to see Craig Ferguson on Thursday night. He was brilliant and adorable. I sat in the front row — center stage — and Mr. Ferguson went on a long tirade and told me that he has a big wiener. Then he said, “No, I’m kidding. It’s not big — for a guy who’s 25 feet tall.”
  • I’m having The Bellagio buffet with Jenn on Friday morning. I’m sure it will be great and we might Twitter the event via HRM Today we eat our french toast and drink mimosas.
  • There are pictures (and a blog about Zappos) in the pipeline. For now, please enjoy these random photos and a really crappy video that I never really edited.
Vegas Misc Pix: HR Conference & Scenery


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