Friday Self-Realization: I Might Not Be Punk Rock (& Neither Are You)


So the husband and I were awake at 1:00 AM talking about gothic architecture — (Hey, don’t judge! We’re unemployed and spend 24 hours a day together!) — and we stumbled into a conversation about goth, emo, and Siouxsie & The Banshees.

My husband asked, “Walking on Sunshine? How is that goth?”

“That’s not Siouxsie,” I self-righteously answered. “That’s KC & The Sunshine Band!”

“Laur, that’s definitely not KC,” he responded.

So it was 1AM and we were googling Siouxsie so he could see her picture (“Oh yeah… crazy hair!”) and KC & The Sunshine Band so I could learn about my 70s musical history (“Oh, maybe it’s not KC…”) and finally landed upon Katrina & The Waves.

We’re getting old and all these crappy bands are blurring together.




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