Gary Vaynerchuk and The Humanization of Business


I am pretty sure that I don’t want a relationship with a brand or a logo. Maybe you do. Gary V thinks so.

Now Gary V is a great guy — and I believe in caring and reaching out to my social graph and thanking people who support my brand. And I have five cats who are not human and I spend a tremendous amount of time anthropomorphizing them on a regular basis. But I worry about the humanization of business. The humanization of logos. The humanization of things that aren’t human.

The power of a logo is the talent behind the logo. The power of brand loyalty is the relationship cultivated between employees and consumers. The power of marketing rests in the embedded talents and innovation in the workforce.

The power of the new economy is people, labor, and human beings. Businesses and brands are just constructs that allow people — your talented employees — to flourish and make shit happen.

We give a fuck about products and services when the people behind the products and services care.

But don’t be fooled. Businesses can’t be humanized. It’s all about people. And because it’s about people, you — as a high-performing employee — have a new & amazing bargaining power in the workforce that you don’t yet realize.

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