Gen Y, Millennials, and a Work Ethic


I don’t think Gen Yers and Millennials lack a work ethic.

I think most Americans lack a worth ethic.

Seriously. We have a sense of entitlement. We are Americans, dammit. If we don’t have passion for something, it’s not worth our time — like learning math, studying science, picking our own vegetables, slaughtering our own animals, or making our own dollar store junk.

And that’s fine. Great. Ship those manufacturing jobs to Asia. Ask immigrants to make our beds and cook our food at McDonalds. Let’s create a knowledge economy where we are passionate about ideas and brands.

Except we’re all too lazy to learn. School is boring. Teachers are all lazy and governed by horrible unions. Kids want a certificate of accomplishment for just showing up.

Fine. Okay.

So now we are back to the beginning: no work ethic, no background in math or science, and no way to compete with other countries.

But it’s those damn Gen Y kids who lack a worth ethic.


I ask, “Where did they learn this attitude?”

Hm. I dunno. Maybe it’s time to consult the oracle that is Michael Jackson to solve this conundrum.

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