Generational Conflict in My HR Job Search


My job search is hampered by too many Baby Boomers in positions of power who are reacting to too many Gen Yers in the marketplace.

  • When I talk to Baby Boomer executives, they assume that I’ll never work hard enough to earn my salary. They also assume that I’m going to be a pain in the ass.
  • When I talk to Gen X middle managers, they covet positions of authority and are worn down by political infighting. They don’t want to hire anyone their age or younger who will threaten the little space of power they’ve built in the Baby Boomer kingdom.

Christ. Corporate America is like a dysfunctional Thanksgiving dinner. Parents are mad at the kids. Kids are mad at the parents. The grandkids have opted out of the family drama and are hanging out in the basement — playing video games.

Let me clarify a few things about myself:

  • Unlike Gen Y, I don’t feel entitled to a job. I will show up, work, and earn my paycheck without a ton of problems.
  • Unlike Gen Y, I’m not going to bother you with lots of questions or ask for team meetings. I’m comfortable being an individual contributor and managing a team of individual contributors. It doesn’t take a village to review a powerpoint presentation.
  • Unlike Gen Y, I have common sense. I’ll hire other people with common sense and take time out of my schedule — if necessary — to train for the technical skills.
  • Just like Gen Y, I’m not desperate for your crappy job. I know it’s just a job, and I can live without stuff. Do I look like a woman who needs cheap, Chinese imports? I’m willing to wait to find a job that gives me a good paycheck + peace of mind.

Now where the hell is my perfect job?

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