Get a flu shot.


IMG_4540Every year, I remind you to be a good corporate citizen. I use my blog and/or my other social media properties to remind you to get a flu shot.

And every year, I hear back from fussy readers who tell me that a flu shot is meaningless. Or dangerous. Or worthless.

  • “I got a flu shot and still got the flu.”
  • “I got a flu shot and contracted malaria.”
  • “My kid got a flu shot and now she’s ugly.”

Good grief.

Logical fallacies aside, I understand why getting a flu shot can be a righteous pain in the ass. Medical facilities are busy. Lines are long. The flu shot can be confusing. Americans don’t understand science. And there are religious and cultural beliefs that inform the way people feel about vaccines, which is why children still get sick and die from measles.


So let me talk about my faith and my religion.

As an atheist, I think that all life is precious. When we die, we die. Everyone who is born should benefit from the scientific advancements we have made as human beings.

We know that the flu shot saves and prolongs life. The flu shot gives babies a chance to become healthy adults. The flu shot protects our older citizens — the respected members of our communities with tons of knowledge and wisdom — from getting sick and dying.

So put on your yoga pants and flip flops. Go to Walgreens on a Sunday morning when it is nice and quiet. Get your quadrivalent flu shot. And do some good in this world, okay?

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