Get a Job: Webinar and Flipcams


I’m doing my first webinar on August 18th with Ryan Estis. He will show you how to use proven sales & marketing techniques to find a job. Your job search is not just a search. It’s the sales call of your life. You need to close on this opportunity.

I asked Ryan to do the webinar because he is a respected speaker, he has solid ideas for you, and because he is my friend. I couldn’t ask for anything more…

…except Ryan has asked for a testimonial after the event. Not just a letter of recommendation. He’ll talk about this on the webinar, but if his work exceeds my expectations, he wants me to record my endorsement on a 90 second video.

Ryan believes that channels like YouTube will revolutionize the way we ask for recommendations. Gone are the days of letters and emails. If you can create a space where people talk about their experiences with you — colleagues, customers, people whom you’ve mentored — you have an enhanced resume that is more than a resume. It is a living, breathing testament to your unique employee value proposition.

And Ryan wants a testimonial from me.

If you know anything about me, I am all for the use of technology — but I hate myself on camera. I never like the lighting. I always see my flaws. I feel inarticulate. Flipcams scare me because I can’t edit the content once I say it.

But you know what? I’m going to do the video testimonial because it’s a brilliant idea. I will brush my hair, trust that no one is judging me on my appearance, and tell the world (in 90 seconds) how I feel about Ryan’s work. And if I work with you in any capacity, I will do it for you. Send me an email.

If I can do it, you can do it.

Everyone has references, but not everyone has a YouTube channel that speaks to a unique set of knowledge, skills, and abilities. Ryan is going to talk about this (and more) on Wednesday, August 18th @ 12PM ET. I hope you can join us because it will be fun, compelling, and something you’ve never heard before.

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