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Nobody ever asks me for work or career advice, anymore. HR people want to know about gaming the system and using social media to cheaply and easily hire the best available talent on the market. And job seekers want to use social media to create the mystique of a brilliant, talented ‘agent’ who can change the entire trajectory of an organization.

You guys are all jacked up. My friends Neil Morrison and Alison Chisnell recently spoke about the broken employment marketplace — where there is plenty of supply and plenty of demand and never the two shall meet — and I wonder what role social media and technology play in creating workplace mythologies.

But you don’t care about that, either. You have questions. I have answers.

  1. How do I get verified on Twitter? You don’t. The verification process has changed over the past two years. It was never really free, but rather, brokered by agents and PR firms. The process has evolved and I’m contractually obliged to not blog about it; however, the best way to find out about the verification process is to hire an agency and sign them as your agency of record. They can take you through the steps. In other words, you gotta play a game that you’re probably not playing. Sorry.
  2. How do I advertise on Twitter? You either work with an agency of record or you work directly with Twitter.
  3. How much does it cost to advertise on Twitter? It’s not free.
  4. Will it help me get a job if I advertise my profile on Twitter? No. Probably not.
  5. Do followers matter? Followers always matter. This is why chumpy people subscribe to services that inflate their followers on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every social media tool out there has an algorithm that considers followers no matter what some lackey says about ‘engagement’ and ‘sentiment’.
  6. How do I get more followers? Read this article and then go get some fresh air. Twitter Co-Founder: Spending Too Much Time On the Site is ‘Unhealthy’
  7. I need a job. Do recruiters count my Facebook friends or Twitter followers? Maybe — but most recruiters will just google you to see if there are obscene images of you.
  8. Do recruiters use Klout scores to hire people? I hope not. My cat Scrubby got a bottle of Axe body spray because his Klout score was pretty high.
  9. Does LinkedIn replace the resume? Read this article. People are hired through employee referrals, career websites and job boards. Your social graph should always be in your control so don’t open a LinkedIn profile and let it sit vacant. On the other hand, don’t place too much emphasis on LinkedIn at the expense of your real network. And HR still expects you to hand over a resume — paper, electronic — so they can frame a conversation and have an electronic document of your work history.
  10. I lost my job. What’s the fastest way to get another job? Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn? The answer is your local temp agency. Check out Manpower or Kelly. The fastest way to get a full-time job is to have a job.

Helpful? Bah, I’m gong to get a cup of coffee.


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