Go F@#k Yourself: First Edition


Here are items submitted by readers for the inaugural Go F–k Yourself! edition.

You people have a lot of issues. Ever consider therapy?

  1. Glenn Beck
  2. Chicken Out
  3. The O2 Arena
  4. Bono
  5. Dell Computers
  6. Local Town Councils in the UK
  7. 42nd Street
  8. Bad bosses
  9. Whiners & complainers
  10. People who abuse animals
  11. Alpha-males in the workforce
  12. Crappy HR bloggers [editor’s note: this hits too close to home!]
  13. FISA
  14. CTA and Metra
  15. Dinesh D’Souza
  16. My professor of Issues & Controversies in American History
  17. Wal-Mart
  18. The fruit-cart guy
  19. Mitt Romney
  20. Joe Lieberman and Jon Kyl
  21. My car dealership and the $550 bill for my 40K car service
  22. Horizon Academy South
  23. Expired coupons
  24. CVS

I was going to submit my car insurance company for haggling over $12.77, but they were champs in the end and waived the charge. So I’ve got nothing, this week.

Can something or someone go f–k itself? Send me your submission for next Friday’s edition.

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