Go F@#k Yourself: Second Edition


This is way overdue, but I owe you a go f@#k yourself list. I’ll intersperse my nominations with yours, but I’m not feeling particularly angry. Neither are you. Is this the best we can do, America?

  1. Walgreens Drive-Thru Pharmacy
  2. Macy’s doorbusters
  3. mice
  4. Windows XP
  5. The MRSA virus
  6. smoked sausage
  7. Barry Bonds
  8. The Iraq War
  9. feline herpes virus
  10. Christian video games
  11. antibiotics
  12. Directv commercials
  13. Detroit
  14. Turkey Fryers

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I would also like to add that gas prices can go f@#k themselves. I’m ready to start riding my bike in the snow.

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