Go Ahead And Sleep With The Intern

The recent problems with guys like Anthony Weiner, John Ensign, and Arnold Schwarzenegger have me thinking about love & passion & sex & romance & work.

Regular people (like you & me) are pretty boring. We aren’t followed by paparazzi. No one is digging through our garbage. We don’t have sex scandals. The biggest scandal in my family, this year, was lame and I think it involved me…

…but I’m not sure because CNN didn’t cover it and my family is passive-aggressive like that.

If you are a single guy at the office and a woman flirts with you, that’s a pretty big deal. If you are just starting out your career and you meet an eligible guy at work who has a 401(k) and health insurance, that’s gold. I say you should go for it.

Some of you may know this story. One of my craziest experiences at work happened back in the day when I was a Human Resources Manager in Chicago. I was twenty-six and I held my first important job with a fancy title. I took my life seriously. I WAS A HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGER, DANG IT. I WILL BE RESPECTED. I AM STUDYING FOR MY SPHR.

There was a male intern in my HR department. He was a communications major. He liked beer and girls. He was five years younger and very cute. And while he worked really hard and was very bright, this guy was always in my office. We talked music. We talked politics. He made me mix CDs. (Really.)

And weirdly enough, for the first time in a very long time, I was single. No commitments. Looking to date. Looking to have fun. And I could have totally hit that. No strings attached. But I was like, “Well, he is an intern. I don’t directly supervise him but it feels wrong. I don’t want to hook up with anyone from the office. I’m five years older. And what if we dated and it went wrong?”

Right. Now lemme go on Match.com and find some winners out there.

So on the very last day of this boy’s internship, he walked me to my car to say goodbye. It was sweet. He gave me another mix CD. I didn’t know what to do. It was pretty clear where the whole thing was going. (Offsite. Backseat of my car. You get the picture.)

The boy leaned in for a kiss. I hugged him. OMFG I HUGGED HIM. Like a mom. He looked at me and said, “I feel like Pacey.”

Ouch for a bazillion reasons.

So I speak from experience when I say that work and love are tricky — but if a cute intern who likes great music and watches Dawson’s Creekwants to hook up with you, you forget about a bunch of arbitrary office rules that probably don’t apply to you and you say yes.

100 times over.

You say yes.

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