Going Back to School at 47: Should I Consider HR?


Beth asks,

I am going back to complete my BA or BS degree and am seriously considering HR. At my age of 47 (but attractive, fit and look much younger thankfully) are any companies hiring without prior experience with just a degree?

If the answer is NO…where can I get some experience w/o wasting valuable time I don’t have and/or acquire an internship position while going to school?

If the answer is YES…which area of HR is most needed since this is your area of expertise? What is the growth rate expectation as it will take me about 2.5 yrs. to complete since I will have to re-take some classes that are over 10 yrs. in the past. Marketing? Mgmt? Adm.?

Please advise and I CAN take the truth! LOL. Thanks.

Beth, it sounds like you are going back to school to earn more money and land a serious, stable job. If that’s true, don’t study Human Resources. Go back to school and become a paralegal, a physical therapist, or a drug counselor. Get a degree in finance or computer science.

HR is flawed and its future is being debated in the halls of Corporate America. No university can prepare you for what you face in the workforce as a Human Resources practitioner, either. Good HR people have years of experience, and it’s a big investment of time and energy to get really good. Often times, HR people earn less than teachers.

My advice? Stay away. Stay far away from HR. Don’t waste your time.

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