Going Back to Work


I have a new job. Full-time. You can read about it here.

It’s true. I have a job. Does that seem odd? Because people keep asking me why I’m going back to work.

Are you broke? Do you need cash? Are you on food stamps?

Right. I’m the embodiment of the (fake) Ronald Reagan welfare queen. It’s an awesome life.

Actually, the truth goes something like this.

  • I used to have a real job.
  • That job sucked but I liked building wealth, building my skills, and hanging out with smart people.
  • Then I started working as a writer and a speaker. That’s worked out well.
  • When I wasn’t doing Laurie-centric stuff, I consulted and worked on entrepreneurial projects with people like Lance Haun, Jenn Barnes, Maren Hogan, and Mark Stelzner.

So now I am going to take the sum of my life experiences and fold them into Starr Tincup. Suckers.

(Just kidding. I want to do something new.)

What does a new job look like? Fuck if I know. I will have benefits & responsibilities & a paycheck. I’ll still blog and speak. I will write for The Conference Board Review and TLNT.

I have capacity for all these things and more.

And so do you.

Adults work. And I don’t think this is a big deal except that I almost took a job back in Corporate Human Resources. So let’s all thank my new boss, Bret Starr, for saving me from myself.

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