Good Hair & Work


I watched the movie Good Hair while flying to London, a few weeks ago. It was an interesting movie  especially since I worked for Alberto-Culver, the company that owns the brands TCB and Motions.

Here’s what is weird about my work history: I recruited for a major organization that invests heavily in products that are bought & sold in the African American hair care community — and what I don’t know about black hair could fill a book.

Thankfully, Chris Rock made a movie.

There was a scene in the movie where a Gen Y student talked about her fear of being judged by potential employers based on her natural hair.

There is research out there that shows how pretty, handsome, tall, white, male, symmetrical, good-looking people have a competitive advantage in life. They get better jobs and earn more money. So let’s get back to hair. White hair. Black hair. Asian hair. Straight. Wavy. Curly. Dry. Nappy. Frizzy. Broken. Oily. All those words we use to describe our hair. Whatevah.

  • Do you think you have an advantage/disadvantage in life because of your hair?
  • Does it matter how hair is styled in the workplace as long as it’s not a safety hazard?
  • Do you think the advantage of beauty — at work & in life — is overstated?

I’d love to know what you think.

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