Good Work Gets Noticed


5579705363_ac1f779181Here’s the best career advice I was ever given.

“Good work gets noticed.”

I know you don’t believe me. You think you are doing an awesome job and lighting the world on fire. But no one notices. And you feel jacked by the system.

This is important: You are not doing good work. I’m sorry. Someone needed to tell you. Good work gets noticed.

Maybe it’s not noticed right now. Maybe not tomorrow. But building a solid foundation of knowledge, skills and abilities — and having a work ethic — will always pay off. You will always win by doing good work.

If you are not winning and you are always a victim, maybe it is time to look internally and assess your skills. Maybe you are not as smart as you think you are. Maybe you have a horrible attitude. Maybe you should find a new career. I’m not sure. But don’t buy into the myth that you have to be engaged to do great work. I have plodded my way through many weird and sketchy employment situations by hunkering down and focusing on the work.

Some jobs suck more than others. That’s no excuse. Every job offers an opportunity to learn and grow. And if you have a work ethic and produce great results, you will be recognized and rewarded.

Trust me.

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