Google & The Day Care Controversy


Thanks to everyone who is reading and commenting on my post about taking your kids to work.

I’m still in the LEAVE YOUR KIDS AT HOME AND FIND DAY CARE school of punk rock — but I’m totally sympathetic to the issues around day care. Furthermore, I’m impressed because several readers are plugged into the childcare mess at The Googles.

Some background:

Here’s a list of sites to get yourself up to speed with the day care issue @ Google.

The dollar is weak, the economy is lagging, and fuel prices are up. It’s almost too expensive to have children, and when you do have a kid, the work environment doesn’t provide any benefits or incentives for birthing & raising the next generation of doctors, lawyers & tax accountants. (Oh, and thugs.)

If Google can’t get childcare right, can any organization?! Can the government help?

What do you think?

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