Googleplex: What's It Like?


The most common question I’ve been asked about the Social Recruiting Summit has nothing to do with recruiting. People ask, “What was the Googleplex like?”

Unfortunately, I didn’t see much of the campus. There was a tour, but I skipped it. I worked in Human Resources for twelve years—and if you’ve seen one cube farm, you have seen them all. Here’s what I did notice:

  • There were dogs on campus and Googlers in jeans.
  • There were open spaces and big cafeterias.
  • There was free food.

The VP of HR, Laszlo Bock, told us that cafeteria lines are monitored because the management team wants you to stand in line long enough to bump into your colleagues and chat. So if you like your activities monitored, and if you like perks such as free food and a creative & casual work environment, Google is for you.

Cincy Recruiter’s World has a good wrap-up of the summit and a description of the campus. She was disappointed that the Google Goats have been removed.

I do have a picture of the world’s most impressive employee toilet. I didn’t use the automatic wash function, but I did turn on the dryer. It works! Hooray!

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