What Makes a Career Advisor Great?


Yesterday’s post on shoddy career advisors prompts Ask a Manager to write,

What advice would you give people are who trying to figure out who’s worth listening to and who’s not? I think it’s easy to figure out from the inside (when people are writing about a topic you yourself know well, it’s easy to get a quick sense of whether they’re offering something of value or not) — but I assume much harder when you’re seeking advice precisely because you don’t know the topic well.

I wonder…

  • What makes someone a credible, authentic, and valid expert when it comes to careers?
  • Who gives the best career advice? Why?
  • Who has great insights into employment and the working world? What makes that person so special?
  • Does a career advisor need to come from a background in HR, recruiting, or coaching?

Thoughts? Who are you reading that is totally awesome?

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