God Bless America: Gross Workplace Injury/Death Stories


America. Home of the free. Land of the brave. Place where people go to work and die in stupid accidents.

Have you ever heard of the Fatality Assessment and Control Evaluation (FACE) Reports? I no longer work in a manufacturing environment, but my husband gets a report from OSHA/NIOSH that lists ‘traumatic occupational fatalities resulting from targeted causes of death that have included confined spaces, electrocutions, machine-related, falls from elevation, and logging’.

Bad workplace accidents, yo.

It’s a depressing report and it makes me think about workplace safety in America. On a weekend where people blow off their fingers from fireworks, here are some deaths and incidents reported in the last email message.

  • Day laborer at boat dock drowns after falling into river — www.cdc.gov
  • A maintenance worker dies when he falls into a baling machine that bales cardboard for recycling — www.cdc.gov
  • Print machine operator is strangled when his shirt is caught on a rotating knob — www.cdc.gov
  • Janitor dies when he falls into a baling machine that bales cardboard for recycling — www.cdc.gov
  • Mechanic dies while changing a tire mounted on a multi-piece split rim wheel – Massachusetts — www.cdc.gov
  • A cooperative placement 11th grade student was injured while operating a jointer in a millwork shop – Massachusetts — www.cdc.gov
  • Municipal laborer dies after falling off the back of a forward moving refuse collection truck – Massachusetts — www.cdc.gov
  • Farmer entangled in unguarded rotating motor drive-shaft on farm-modified ear-corn elevator — www.cdc.gov
  • Air museum volunteer died from complications of a head injury sustained after falling from an aircraft tug — www.cdc.gov
  • Contractor crushed against the cab of a dump truck by the dump body — www.cdc.gov
  • Flagger fatally injured when struck by a car at a highway work zone in Washington State — www.cdc.gov

This is why safety matters in the workplace. Take it seriously. I’m not kidding. Being a Debbie Downer will save your life.

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