Group Email Messages


I am on quite a few group distribution lists where everyone is copied on an email message. Homeowners association. Friends. HR lists.

And it’s messy.

A message goes out. Inevitably, someone hits “reply all” and makes a (sorta) witty comment. This prompts everyone else to respond. Suddenly I’m caught in cc: hell where I have 25 messages with people trying to one-up the last guy.

Sometimes I’m caught in cc: hell where people are arguing about a stupid & trivial issue that has nothing to do with me.

Don’t we have phones? Can’t you people text? How about instant messages?

Sigh. No.

If you insist on sending out a mass email, here are my group distribution list rules.

  • If you communicate to the same people on a regular basis, create a Yahoo group (because it’s 1997) or a Facebook group.
  • Don’t feel like creating a group but communicating to more than three recipients? BCC everyone.
  • On a group distribution list? Reply to the sender and resist the urge to chime in.
  • Disagree with someone? Tell that person directly.
  • If you hit reply all, you better bring the funny.

Are you with me?

Do you disagree?

Or am I the kind of woman who just hates fun?

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