Grow Up: We Work For Money


During the past couple of weeks, readers of my blog keep telling me that people aren’t motivated by money. We are motivated by something greater — love, appreciation, or creating a sense of community. Unfortunately, those readers are wrong. We work for money and we are motivated to work harder when we are paid more.

I want to know why is this so hard to admit?

I have some theories.

  • I think it’s tough to admit we work for money because we’ve turned Corporate America into a co-dependent nanny-state. We are offered health benefits, emotional fulfillment, and a sense of community instead of paychecks.
  • Instead of leaving the nest and becoming full-fledged adults, many of us join the working world and recreate the dysfunctional families we have at home.
  • We hate our bosses, we despise the long hours, and we are victimized by stupid team-building exercises; however, we don’t know how to survive without all the drama and activity. We also don’t know how to survive without our allowance/paycheck and the safety and security that our parents/employers provide to us in the form of welfare benefits.

When you admit to yourself that your job is just a job — and when you take accountability for your own emotional needs and mental health — you have power. Be a decent person, foster a sense of community with the people you love, and grow up.

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