Guest Post: Human Relations Lessons from The Avett Brothers


Three words that became hard to say: I & Love & You…this being the premise of the new Avett Brothers record.

I know the L-word may not have its place in the halls of our offices, but as organizations are tasked with doing more with less, the phrase you are lucky to have a job seems to be more prominent than a pat on the back. Over the last year even Warren Buffet’s financial advice has been proven unreliable. So I went looking for consulting from a guy with a banjo and here’s what I discovered:

“I want to have friends that I can trust that love me for the man I’ve become not the man that I was”

  • Tenure can be a tricky thing. We are sometimes passed over for promotions based on first impressions formed of us when we were 25. I never understood why organizations would let an employee make mistakes on their watch and then farm them out when the apples drop from the trust tree.

“Something has me acting like someone I don’t wanna be”

  • It pains me to see people acting out of their charter to advance their career. Core Values and Mission Statements are nothing more than words on a wall at most organizations but honesty is still the best professional attribute anyone can posses.

“There’s a darkness upon me that’s flooded in light and frightened by those who don’t see it”

  • The ultimate lesson: the only expectations that matter are your own. We are sometimes taught to believe that we have to adjust who we are to advance our career! If you make yourself someone you are not to win organizational favor that person wins, not you!

Wouldn’t we all be more productive if our employee handbook was The Avett Brothers songbook?


Authored by David J Kovacovich
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