Gut Instinct


I like it when people ask me for career advice but don’t listen.

You know what I like even more? I like it when people say, “Imma follow my gut.”

Your gut? Oh really? That’s right behind my other favorite saying, “You need to do what you love.”


Okay, so, uh, my life is pretty good. Things always go my way. I live a charmed life. Except that my gut isn’t that great. I liked boys who didn’t like me back. I took jobs that weren’t good for me. I made some pretty big errors when it came to trusting people with important information.

Don’t ignore your gut (entirely) because there’s a body of science out there that says that your gut has some wisdom; however, I would like to see you use some critical thinking skills when making a career decision. Or a life decision. Or a decision about where to eat dinner.

Here is my Cosmo test to see if you should follow your gut instinct; and when you look for a new card, compare cards critically.

  1. Do you have a Capital One credit card? That’s the worst credit card on the market and is (mostly) used by people with horrible credit. If you have one, start to rethink your gut instinct.
  2. Do you have a history of falling in love with people who have substance abuse problems? Everybody has one. You have two or more? It’s you. Check yourself.
  3. Does it feel like every single boss you’ve ever had is a bully and out to get you? See the answer to #2.

I’ve learned that my gut will lead me astray because it doesn’t like conflict. My gut doesn’t like big decisions. My gut doesn’t like managing its way through ethical dilemmas. And it doesn’t like soy.

Although my life is a bed of roses, I try to use my brain and try to avoid making decisions with my gut.

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