GYST: The Sequel


I had an interesting discussion with The Boss of One and Jesse Palmer. We talked about stress, marriages, and the awful economy.

  • Do marriages fail because of a crappy economy?
  • Does a bad economy further aggravate the stress fractures in an already failing marriage?
  • Do people lose their shit more frequently — and suffer from higher levels of anxiety and depression — during tough economic times?

There isn’t one easy answer, of course, but I know a few things about tough times & emotionally crappy situations.

  • You can control the influences in your life.
  • You can acknowledge your weaknesses and flaws.
  • You can get help for your personal limitations — anxiety, depression, alcoholism, addiction — during a recession.

Get your shit together [GYST!] like it’s your full-time job and you may find that the other issues in the world — your job, the economy, the crisis in Zimbabwe — are easier to manage.

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