Happy Valentine’s Day to HRBN


valentinesdayToday is St. Valentine’s Day and I wanted to send my love to a group of HR bloggers who started an amazing journey with me.

We created a network called HR Blogger Network that offers display advertising on specific HR blogs. But who really cares about that? Bloggers are often denigrated as people who work in their pajamas. I wanted to find a way to bring my friends together and offer them an opportunity to be recognized as publishers and thought leaders.

My friends are writers, speakers and people who know the world of Human Resources. They each offer different and unique perspectives. And you should read their blogs.

I love them. That’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. Go read their blogs and show them some love.

Jennifer McClure unbridledtalent.com
Lance Haun lancehaun.com
Tim Sackett www.timsackett.com
Lisa Rosendahl lisarosendahl.com
Women of HR womenofhr.com
Charlie Judy hrfishbowl.com
Trish McFarlane hrringleader.com
Robin Schooling hrschoolhouse.com
Steve Boese steveboese.squarespace.com
Shauna Moerke hrminion.com
Dr. Matt Stollak truefaithhr.blogspot.com
John Nykolaiszyn www.fastfoodhr.com
Steve Browne sbrownehr.com
Paul Hebert www.i2i-align.com
Melissa Fairman www.hrremix.com
Elizabeth Lalli Reese txstrategichr.com
Lizzie Smithson and The Starr Conspiracy blog.thestarrconspiracy.com
Joan Ginsberg justjoan.joanginsberg.com
Jennifer Miller people-equation.com
Kimberly Roden unconventionalhr.com
Ed Newman www.insidetmt.com
Tim Gardner www.thehrintrovert.com
Ron Thomas strategyfocusedhr.blogspot.com
Bonni and John Titgemeyer eolist.com
Ben Eubanks upstartHR.com
Victorio Milian www.victoriomilian.com
Dan McCarthy www.greatleadershipbydan.com
Bill Boorman www.recruitingunblog.com
Armando Gallegos and Retargeter retargeter.com


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