Go Work in Health Care


Dudes, get a job in health care. I spent the morning at the allergist and there were tons of kids with ashthma and allergies. Sad, right? No — it’s a freakin’ goldmine.

  • Be a nurse.
  • Be a doctor.
  • Be a patient coordinator.

Are you good with paperwork? Manage insurance benefits or find a way to cash in on the transition to electronic medical billing records.

I’ll tell you this much: I had four nurses who were dressed in business-casual attire (not scrubs) who doted over me as I was poked and prodded. Then I had a patient care coordinator who stopped by as I was injected and re-injected and she asked me if I wanted lolipops or candy.

Lolipops, FTW!

We talked about dogs, cats, and food. We joked about being allergic to our husbands and parents. [Not mine, ahem. No way.] They offered sympathy and told WORST ALLERGY EVER horror stories. You think your allergies are bad? No way — your hives don’t look like cysts.

Go work in healthcare. It’s gross, it’s interesting, and it’s profitable.

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