Hello, UAL Executive Leadership Team


The UAL executive leadership team is reading my blog, and specifically my post on Glenn Tilton. I can see the link from their private forum, and I just wanted to advise my new readers of the following:

1. If you need great HR advice, please feel free to check out HR Bloggers for the best on HR practices and HR leadership.

2. If you want to read great HR Blogs and potentially recruit HR Professionals for your UAL leadership team, please visit HRM Today. Both HR Wench and I are currently looking for roles in Corporate HR — maybe. We like blogging, too, but it doesn’t always pay the catnip bills.

3. Many of us in the HR community feel that UAL needs a kinder, gentler relationship with your union employees. Your executive leadership team needs to soften its rhetoric and appear more benevolent and sympathetic. If you’d like to talk more about how progressive HR professionals can help you speak to your union base, please email me here.

– Laurie

PS – Remember the advice from my post on Glenn Tilton: buy your domain name so your detractors don’t buy it first!

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