Helmsley Grandkids: Money You Didn't Earn But Feel You Deserve


I think it’s a travesty that Leona Helmsley’s good-for-nothing, disinherited grandkids will now inherit $6MM. It’s money that should be going to her dog, Trouble.

Hear me out, Suckers. Trouble may be a spoiled dog, but Helmsley did hard time for her crimes. She earned her money the good-old-fashioned way: she was a master of mixing hard work and corruption. If Helmsley can’t spend her money the way she wants to — on animals and on her dog — I’m not sure that I believe in America.

Furthermore, I have a question: Who said that family members are entitled to your money after you die? If those disinherited grandkids want $6MM, let them go out and earn it by working hard, marrying well, and avoiding federal income taxes.

I hate people who have a strong sense of entitlement; however, I hate it most when it comes from family members and those who presume that they are better than and more entitled than dogs.

I’m leaving my vast fortune to my cats — with some money left over to be donated to The Humane Society, the ASPCA, and a pile a sticks in the woods. That pile of sticks is more important to me than most people in the world.

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