Hillary Clinton Cries & Eats A Brat!


Oh. My. God. Hillary Clinton cried at The Brat Stop.

I hate tubular meat, but if you’re going to cry, that’s a fantastic place.

I have so much history with the Illinois/Wisconsin border and I’m totally excited about Tuesday’s WI primary. I really hope Obama cries at the Mars Cheese Castle.

If we get really lucky, John McCain will shed a few at Apple Holler.

Who gives a crap if Hillary cries? The real story in Wisconsin is the food, and damn if I’m not totally in the mood for a heart-attack-on-a-platter. If it’s not meaty and on a stick, it’s not Wisconsin.

I’m homesick for Chicago, dudes. Most of all, I miss driving to Wisconsin for cheap clothing and lottery tickets.


I’ve received some email so I have to clarify the following sentence:

  • If it’s not meaty, broasted, or on a stick — served either family-style, at a trout boil, or at a buffet — it’s not Wisconsin.

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