Hire Someone From Waffle House


I have a confession to make. I eat at Waffle House every week.

Don’t judge me.

I like a restaurant that is fast, cheap, and unpretentious. I like my service quick and without a lot of fanfare. I want two eggs over easy, biscuit, extra crispy hash browns, and a side of bacon. Coffee with extra cream. And I don’t want to say it twice.

When I go to Waffle House, I know what I am getting. The cooks are quick, the waitresses can count change, and I am guaranteed a decent meal at any time of the day. And the people who work at Waffle House are everything I want in my employees. I want someone who can multitask, think on her feet, and handle a drunken customer at 3AM without getting the police involved.

Waiters, cooks, and most restaurant workers are an undervalued and underrated talent pool. They serve your dinner, clean up your mess, and keep you from getting food poisoning. Breakfast establishments are especially crazy places to work, and I would hire an employee from a place like Waffle House in a heartbeat to work in my warehouse, manage a busy customer floor, or help me with office traffic and/or company logistics.

The next time you complain about a war for talent, think about all those talented people who are serving food and bussing tables. People who work hard, demonstrate a solid work ethic, and would kill for a chance to discover their passions and have access to a decent benefit plan.

Give someone from Waffle House a shot.

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