Honor Boston: Get Your Employees Up and Moving



Although it feels like the Boston tragedy is over, it’s not.

Over 100 people sustained serious injuries in the bomb blast. First responders saw gruesome images. A whole community was terrorized. Eyewitnesses and even local, unaffected residents may need ongoing counseling and treatment for depression, anxiety and PTSD.

The one thing about terrorism? It continues to terrorize long after a terrorist is apprehended or killed.

But you can do something.

I hate company wellness programs and team building events; however, one of the ways your office can support Boston is to organize a little run/walk event to raise money for a whole host of charitable programs.

This is what I would do if I were your HR lady.

  • Damn the lawyers. Schedule something outside of working hours. Nobody sue, okay? Jesus.
  • Encourage people to print out a running bib.
  • Send out some donation links.
  • Meet at a local park.
  • And let’s walk and/or run together.

The Boston Marathon isn’t just about elite runners and peak physical fitness. The event includes average people who support wellness and fitness. You don’t have to be a marathoner to treat your body with respect. In fact, don’t be a marathoner. Just be you — only active.

So if you work in HR and want to show your support for Boston, help your employees get up and get moving. There’s no ROI is this, just like there is no ROI in a wellness plan. Do it, anyway. Honor the victims and survivors of the Boston Bombing and the MIT shoot out with physical activity of some kind.

I think those injured and impacted by the events in Boston would welcome that show of support.

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