Honoring Firefighters and Other First Responders


Last year, I was lucky enough to attend BlogPaws in Utah.

Salt Lake City has awful air quality on a normal day, but the air was made worse by raging wildfires in the mountains of Utah and Colorado. Heading in there, my flight was diverted. My flight was delayed when leaving, too. The air was so disgusting that I now understand why people wear masks in Beijing and Shanghai. I had never experienced anything like it.

So I read with great sadness that 19 firefighters lost their lives while battling a wildfire in Arizona, this week.

You don’t fight fires for the money. It is one of those rare things in life you do because you have a calling. Being a firefighter — or being a first responder to any major crisis — is about commitment and dedication. You provide a service to the community, even when your fellow neighbors don’t notice or don’t care.

But we all noticed this horrible loss of life.

And I wanted to take a moment and send my condolences to the families of nineteen men who died while trying to help others. And I want to recognize the sacrifice of others, too.

What a sad event.

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