Hot Dog! We Have a KnowHR Wiener!


The response is overwhelming and we have five winners.

  • Jen Gero — no blog and no Twitter but we’re happy she won!
  • Krystal Bennett & @geekgirlie
  • Justin Holland — no blog and no Twitter but we’re happy he won, too.
  • Ken Siegel & @keness
  • Ben Eubanks & @beneubanks

Thanks to everyone who entered to win a copy of KnowHR. Believe it or not, these winners didn’t send me a picture of their companion animals — but you did. It’s pretty clear that I need to do a second post with names, URLs, and animal pictures. If you want some publicity for your cat or dog, send a picture to PunkRockHR (gmail) and I’ll do a second post on PunkRockHR companion animals!

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