Hourly Workers, Minimum Wage, and Career Advice


Mouse writes,

I love your blog and several other HR blogs I read but I sure do wish there was something out there that focused more on the issues that face people who are applying for the minimum wage type gigs. Some of the advices that you, EHRL, and AAM give translates but a lot of it doesn’t.

I told Mouse that I really understand her perspective but I’m not sure that hourly people read career advice blogs. I think they’re too busy working or hustling for work. Mouse responds,

You’d be surprised how many hourly schomoes read blogs like this. Some of us are hourly admin, many made the transition from customer service (food and retail) to office work, many are seeking to do so. Almost all of the people I know in meatspace who look for blogs like this are hourly schmoes.

Okay, now I’m interested. Are you an hourly schmoe? Please identify yourself — and if you’re game, please tell me what you like about career blogs and what really sucks.

I come from a family where no one works in a cubicle. Most are hourly workers. Many are unemployed. I’m passionate about writing an interesting and relevant blog, so I want to represent your voices and interests.

Hit me up in the comments, please!

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