How Do I Rock A New Job?


A reader is starting a new job in a new town after four months of unemployment. She wants to know how to get back into the game.

I only have one answer: Makeover.

Even if you just move 10 miles, it’s time for a new look.

A makeover could mean a new wardrobe, but that’s a bit much. Maybe it means that you stop wearing a certain pair of boots. Maybe you ditch the heavy eyeliner you’ve been wearing for 10 years. Or maybe it’s time to start moisturizing.

So many options. So little time. You start this new job pretty soon. We need solutions!

Okay, another idea? You could also do a “name makeover” and adopt something slightly different. I am a Lauren by birth. My father always called me Laurie. When I moved in with him when I was fourteen, my friends in that new town called me Laurie. If you can’t mix up your real name, pick a nickname.

Or you could cut your hair. Color it. Maybe get those highlights you thought about. If you’re African American, go natural. If you’re natural, perm it. Whatever. Mix it up.

Want to really mix it up? I would also recommend new bras and underwear. You’re probably wearing the wrong size. Go get that sorted out and start your job feeling supported in all the right places.

In short, have some fun with it.

Get back in the game by doing all the superficial things that are fun and silly and immature. Embrace the things that trick your brain into accepting change.

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent, especially if you’re rocking a new pair of glasses or an excellent pair of earrings.

Good luck with the job. Go have some fun!

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