How To Be A Better (HR) Blogger


I’ve been blogging for over seven years. Not long enough to be considered an early adopter, but long enough to know a few tricks. Are you a Human Resources blogger? Are you someone who has considered blogging? Here is my best advice.

  1. Don’t be a Human Resources blogger. Be a writer, be a thinker, and have something interesting to stay. Pick a genre, build an audience and learn to improvise.
  2. Read more than you write. I consume a tremendous amount of content — from blogs to books to newspaper articles to podcasts. Be curious. It makes you more interesting.
  3. Don’t ask for feedback. Writers never have an honest thing to say about another writer.
  4. When in doubt, don’t write. When you half-ass a blog post, you insult your reader.
  5. Less is more. If you think about the development of a white paper, there are three phases before you even complete the dang thing. There’s an abstract, an outline, and then your (multiple) drafts. A blog post is more involved than an abstract but less involved than a final draft.
  6. Don’t try to show thought leadership. We get it. You are smart. But blogs are meant to entertain.
  7. Keep it light. Blogging isn’t therapy although it can be very therapeutic. Readers will grow to love you but they don’t want to hear about your dark, intimate secrets. Help them solve their problems, not yours.
  8. Don’t rely on lists. Ironic, I know.

My final piece of advice? Don’t take yourself too seriously. Labels such as influencer and thought leader are cute — but they aren’t real and they don’t mean squat.

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