How To Do A Webinar


My boss is doing a webinar. It’s boring and you are not the target market. It’s geared towards HR tech companies and it’s all about increasing your market share.

I am sorry if I just dropped you into a coma.

One thing I know in life? Most webinars suck. (Uhm, yeah, except for my boss. He’ll be great.) The speaker is usually trying to sell you something and pretend like she’s not selling anything. Only 50% of the people who sign up for the webinar actually attend the live event. And webinars are about as interactive as watching paint dry.

The worst part? Receiving 1000 emails asking, “Will there be a recording?”

Jesus Christ. Every free webinar in the history of mankind has been recorded. The whole point of a webinar is to generate leads. You can use a recorded webinar as part of a blog campaign, as part of a twitter campaign, or in a traditional pre- and post-webinar email campaign.

So let me save you some time. Webinars are always recorded. Always.

And if you’re a speaker, doing a webinar can be weird. You get no feedback from your audience. Your dog will probably start barking during the session. Last week, my carbon monoxide battery died and made a loud, buzzing sound while I was speaking. I had to finish my webinar outside.


So here’s a quick video — made in my best work-from-home attire — on how you can improve your webinar skills.

I put on purple lip gloss. That’s about as fancy as I get for a webinar/video.

I wonder — what are some of the best webinars made of? What’s the worst webinar you’ve attended? Who does them right?

And if you want to hear my carbon monoxide webinar about hating Human Resources, it’s here. It threw me!

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