How to Self-Destruct (for Free)


I’m traveling to Chicago on Monday, so I asked Jason Seiden if he wanted to do a guest post on my blog. That’s how this shit works. I gotta plug up holes in my schedule. I’m like a blogging plumber.

Jason is super busy and about to launch a huge new book so he said, “I’m working on a project. How about I do a video blog? Then I’ll give every single reader a free copy of my last book, How to Self-Destruct.”

It’s not chocolate-covered bacon, people, but look what just happened.

  1. Jason does a video blog and I get the day off to travel.
  2. You get a great book on leadership & work — for free — that won’t bore you to death.

Sometimes life just works. Also, my mother-in-law always says, “For free? Take.”

So take it. For free. On Jason’s website.

Also watch this cute video that Jason made for me.

Jason also made me a video with his dog, last week.

I swear, we are doing important things and changing the world — one book and animal video blog at a time.

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