How to Use Twitter to Find a Job


Today, I am hosting a webinar called Essential Elements for a Successful Twitter Presence.

On Thursday, I am participating in a free Twitter chat to help job seekers find a job.


None of this is rocket science, which is actually why it can be so confusing!

Here is my tried and true methodology to use Twitter to find a job.

  1. Have some skills.
  2. Describe those skills in a concise, interesting way.
  3. Find other interesting people who share those skills.
  4. Find companies or recruiters who are hiring for those skills.
  5. Follow companies who use Twitter as a way to post jobs.
  6. Apply for jobs directly from Twitter.
  7. Follow up with recruiters and hiring managers on other social networking sites, too.

But remember that no one is ever hired for a job from a social networking site. It’s a step in the process. You have to have skills. You have to be likable. You still have to show up and talk about yourself.

And you still need a good chronological resume.

I know, I know. Looking for a job is still a pain.

And my rule of thumb is that you should spend no more than an hour/day looking for jobs on social networking sites including job boards.

One hour. Use it wisely.

Might I suggest a webinar or a twitter chat, eh?

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