HR and Romance: UR DOIN IT SORTA


Sarah and I are still developing the Clueless@Love strategery. There’s no shortage of controversy around the site, including the fact that someone referenced Abner Louima and called me faux-punk.

I just weep for people.

Until we get Clueless@Love up & running, here’s a question from a reader.

I hope you can help, I am seeking advice a few levels – one HR lady to another….

I am an HR professional. I have always been really careful about personal relationships with co-workers (friendships, romantic relationships etc…), however recently there is someone at work that has caught my eye.

I have been friendly, said hi etc…maybe stared a little longer than normal so that he knew I was interested in more conversation keeping things very professional — but with no results/response. I normally am not very assertive when it comes to romantic relationships AND I have no experience with them in a work setting so I am in need of some serious advice!

My initial thought is to let it go and do nothing, but I do not want to miss an opportunity to possibly get to know him. I would really would like to let him know that I am interested but I am not sure what or how to do this. Any advice?

I married a former co-worker. There’s all kinds of risk, you have to use common sense, and many people will tell you it’s a bad idea. Forget about those people, though. They all have spouses & ex-wives & kids & cranky attitudes.

  • Ask this man to lunch.

At worst, he will say no. If you are lucky, he will say yes.

I like to think that it’s okay for HR people to have friends at work. You can ask him out to lunch and get to know him. Keep the conversation light and airy. If it’s clear that he isn’t into you, don’t take it personally. He might be scared of your HR role. If it becomes something more than just lunch, that’s great. Invite me to the wedding.

Good luck!

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