HR Bloggers of the World: UNITE!


Summer is over, punk rockers, and it’s time to buckle down and think about your careers. Are you stuck in a silly HR job and contemplating the meaning of life? Do you work in an office where HR garners no respect? Do you have too much administrative work on your desk and not enough time to focus on core & critical HR issues like celebrity gossip and donuts?

If you’re stuck in a rut — or if you just want to meet interesting HR people — I have a site for you. It’s called HRM Todayand no peer pressure or anything — but everyone is there. We are talking about HR issues, we are elevating HR discourse, and are we networking & stuff.

We are also having a good time, increasing HR’s reach on the interwebs, and trying to make HR a better place to work.

I partnered with Jenn Barnes/HR Wench and Lance Haun to create this venue for you — and it’s special because it is totally free and we aren’t trying to sell you anything.

  • No time-management seminars.
  • No HIPAA compliance classes.
  • No software solutions for your attendance tracking & payroll issues.

Check us out. Here’s a link to the press release (it’s official, yo) and a link to the main website. Are we doin it right? Are we doin it wrong? Do you even want a website like this?! Let me know, people.

[You can also find an article about our launch at Cheezhead.]

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