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My normal blogging process is simple. I write all of my posts on Sunday and then edit/modify/add a blog post (as needed) during the week. Unfortunately, I ran out of time on Sunday and didn’t write shit. That caused me to scurry around, accidentally publish a blog post early, and generally feel disorganized all week.

Thankfully, there are much better HR bloggers out there. In fact, I publish a quarterly resource that lists a bevy of other HR bloggers. The sole purpose of the list is to offer a resource to HR professionals, vendors, job seekers, and curious business people. This is a simple overview of our industry. This list is not a ranking. There is no competition among bloggers, nor does this list aim to compete with any other list in the marketplace. No blogger is included or excluded unless they are jerks and/or haven’t published within 30 days.

I am the arbiter of the list, yo.

I am getting ready to publish the list on July 1st and there are nearly 200 blogs on The Ultimate HR List. If you started a new blog since my last publication date, let me know in the comments.

Also, my awesome intern (Lizzie) thought we could collect fun information about the blogging community and do something creative. (It’s a surprise.) So feel free to take Lizzie’s survey.

Your information stays with us because no one really cares about HR and career blogging. Your data will not be sold unless someone offers me $1,000,000. Then you’re screwed because I will sell out. Quickly.

Don’t worry. I will donate the cash to Lizzie’s wedding plans.

Thanks for participating!

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