Punk Rock HR Biz Book Contest: We Have a Winner!


crucialconversations1I asked you to give me your best title for a business book and the contest was close.

The winner is Play for Team Awesome! Why Being Passionate About What You Do Matters.

I’m not sure it does matter if you are passionate about what you do, butCreative Chaos Consultant had me with team awesome. Here are some of the other great entries.

  1. Cluster F**k: How Critical Decisions are Made and Unmade During Periods of Change — Ken Nessing
  2. Yo! You Listening to Me? Tools for Talking When Stakes are High —Lihsa
  3. Pucker Up! A Beginners Guide to Opening Doors by Kissing Ass —hrringleader
  4. Pass the Trash: How to Spinelessly Rid Yourself of Undesirable Subordinates through Transfers & Promotions. — HRputer
  5. So I’m on Unemployment, Now what? — Michael VanDervort
  6. Laid Off: The Lonely Planet Guide to staying at Home on $8 a day —Michael VanDervort
  7. And then there was only me – The story of where leadership can take you and where you really want to go. — sage9
  8. And then they all walked out – losing it all, lacking it all, stories from the top. — sage9
  9. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall – who is the most authentic of them all? Authentic leadership and business growth. — sage9
  10. How Wall Street destroyed Capitalism — RHHR
  11. Career Development – One Gig at a Time — RHHR
  12. OK We Riffed 20% of the Workforce – Now What? — RHHR
  13. Unstuck Yourself – How to Stay Free of Craporate America’s Title Trap and Make Real Progress — KG
  14. The Deregularization of America – How deregulation screwed up the economy. — Tracy Tran
  15. Grow Up or Get Over It – Why Great HR Leaders Offend Everybody At Least Some of The Time. — FrannyO
  16. Cubed: A Beginner’s Guide to Hating Your First Job — Shawn
  17. Smile and Nod or Flip the Bird and Leave: When to take a stand and when to stand back. — pussified
  18. I Wasn’t Even Supposed to BE Here Today!!! — pussified
  19. Trickster Talent – How Change Agents Really Work — Linda
  20. Destroyed: A Memoir of life in Corporate America — HR Chick
  21. Congratulations! You got the corner office… Now, welcome to hell. — HR Chick
  22. Pollyanna Was A Whore: Dealing With Reality At Work — Jackbuilt
  23. Working for the Man and Some Alternatives: Own Your Career —Linda
  24. Guess what you are not special! A book about real worklife. —Rampancy
  25. The HitchHikers Guide to HR or Creative Wisdom. — RMSJr
  26. I’ve Paid My Dues — Stoutcat
  27. Leave Me the Hell Alone and Get Somebody Else, I’ve Got Real Work To Do — Stoutcat
  28. No rips, tears, or acid wash – How HR saves the world one Jeans Day at a time — Human Resources Pufnstuff
  29. You can’t say No without HR — Human Resources Pufnstuff
  30. Provocative Declaration about the End of Something: Followed by a long string of blather after the requisite colon — Steve Boese
  31. Darth Vader’s Guide to the Dark Side & Principled Management — jeff madison
  32. Talent is Overrated! — John March
  33. Golden Showers: A Trickle-Down Theory for a Piss-Poor Economy — J. Todd
  34. Even When You Don’t See the Moose on the Table, You Can Still Smell the Poop — T. Gardner
  35. Corporate Koolaid and Watercooler Whines — Chris Havrilla


Literary agents have been known to visit this site, so I hope someone from this list gets published. In the meanwhile, I  Creative Chaos Consultant should send me his address so I can mail out a copy of Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High.

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