HR, Gas Prices & The Economy


Nothing bothers me more than corporatist fads, and the biggest fad out there is going green to save the earth, save money, and save energy.

I’ll go green when the large automotive corporations use their federal tax incentives to create more fuel-efficient cars. Then I’ll go even greener when the US government stops spending my tax money on subsidies for the oil companies and starts demanding those oil companies invest in their own infrastructure. I’ll be the greenest effing woman out there when the cost of going green is cheaper than the cost of being a short-term-thinker.

This is America, and we can dream bigger than corn ethanol, recycled toilet paper, and telecommuting. We should stop encouraging our employees to turn off the lights when they leave the room and start encouraging them to turn on the good old fashioned lighbulbs over their heads.

Where are the big ideas? Where’s the innovation? What’s role does HR have in this? Don’t we acquire the talent to change the wold?

Until going green becomes as easy (& as standard) as eating donuts at new-hire orientation sessions, I’ll be busy ruining the environment as a matter of principle.

Update –> I might want to save the planet thanks to these doggehs.

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