HR is Not Your Mommy


There’s a common misconception that Human Resources professionals are the parents of the organization.

I overheard a SVP of Human Resources say that her mothering skills came in handy when she started working with a new CEO. Not her MBA. Not her background in finance or her experience running a large benefits & compensation department.

Her mothering skills.

Several people chuckled. Hahahahahaha, you know those executives. You know how it is.

Yeah, I know how it is. It’s bullshit.


It’s absurd that a Chief Human Resources Officer would work in an environment where we she was expected to monitor & manage behavior, clean up the messes made by other people, and resolve interpersonal conflict. Chuckling about the application of mothering skills in HR is basically conceding that our executives, leaders, and workers can’t accomplish anything other than mediocre and childish work.

Maybe they can’t? Maybe we are doomed as a workforce in this country?


Sure, CEOs are eccentric & flamboyant — but we do ourselves no favors when we use our warm, soft, maternal HR instincts to handle leaders who would otherwise rip off our heads and shit down out throats.

The insanity ends when we end it, fellow HR peeps. It’s time to start pushing back.

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