HR Movie Review: Extract


I saw the movie Extract, this weekend. I am a sucker for movies about work and inter-office relationships, so I had to see the film. (Also, there is Jason Bateman. My GenX husband. How could I skip it?)

Most reviews of Extract were tepid, and the pace of the movie is slow, but I was pleasantly surprised by Mike Judge‘s kind, gentle treatment of factory workers in America. I enjoyed the examination of the relationship between management and employees, and the script didn’t demean the workers. In fact, I was surprised when the film offered lessons on leadership, communication and corporate transparency.

Some of the workforce-related issues in the movie weren’t entirely accurate, but I’ll say this much:

  • The factory in Extract is a safety-conscious facility,
  • the workforce is diverse,
  • and there is no union.

You know what’s missing from the film? Human Resources. That’s not a bad thing, either, because HR would just get in the way of the plot.

[Bonus: Ben Affleck. This is his best role in years. As his unofficial HR Manager, I want to give him an employee recognition award. Maybe a plaque or a company t-shirt? How about a flashlight with his name on it? What do you think?]

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